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Cover Image of the 4th Edition
* Cover art by Nery Orellana
About the New Edition

The fourth edition of this beloved text offers an up-to- the-moment, engaging, multicultural introduction to the foundations of education and teaching.

  • Two new co-authors bring their distinctive backgrounds to add to the text’s emphasis on equity and diversity.

  • A streamlined format allows for easier use by course instructors and their students.

  • Up-to-date statistics, graphs, and figures include a comprehensive education timeline and new photos, both historical and contemporary.

  • Fresh new content covers topics including Race to the Top, No Child Left Behind, Common Core Content Standards, and a variety of debates surrounding teacher and classroom quality, especially related to the current economic crisis.

  • A new, more extensive and open-access online supplement includes chapter-by-chapter “Digging Deeper” lists and “Tools for Critique.”
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About the New Edition About the Authors Digging Deeper Tools for Critique