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Tools for Critique

An Elementary School Teacher Reading to Students“Tools for Critique” provides a set of “generative” questions, prompts, and activities meant to provoke thinking about the topics and points of view in the book. Its chapter-specific overviews, outlines, and additional resources can serve as a springboard for supporting readers to think critically about and get the most out of the text. For example, while some prompts are general and others are more specific, many ask readers to read “against the text”—to challenge the text rather than to accept its views uncritically. Prompts might ask, for example, What memories of your own schooling or other experiences does the book stir up? What, if any, aspects of the text make you angry? What sounds reasonable, but you can’t believe it is true? What have you always known, but you didn’t know you knew it? What do you imagine your acquaintances would think about the material? What questions are you asking?

Use the navigation bar on the left to access "Tools for Critique" content for each of the book's chapters.

By placing these resources online, we hope to make them more accessible to readers, who can access them wherever they have the Internet, whether they have their book in hand or not. We also encourage readers to share these resources with colleagues and others interested in schooling and teaching; we have made the resources open-access in order to make that possible!


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